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R.D.S Best Display Co.,Ltd  has been professionalized in shop-fitting display furniture since 2000 ranked as one of the pioneer in this industry so far, has own 8000 square meters factory which is located in Huizhou city, 1 hour drive from Shenzhen office; currently there are about 100 people gathered together with the same dream to design and manufacture elegant and high-quality display furniture for shop-fitting, exhibition fair and retail interior use, our people are partially knowledgeable management or talented designers or experienced technician and young but passionate workers, they are the most valued part of Best.

R.D.S Best Display Co.,Ltd  is focusing on designing and producing high-quality and elegant display stand, rack and cabinet. With decades’ hard work and attention to both surface and interior beauty of Best display products line, we gained good and sincere reputation from all our customers around the world.  


Generally nowadays people pay more and more attention to the maximally use of limited area that finally affect the architect and interior designer also try to lead the market to the concept of space saving, then in Best Display we do not simply offer our display products but also our advise and consolation to the whole and complete design project.  


For shop-fitting and interior design of department store and boutique we have two suggestions for customers from decades’ experience, normally speaking, the aluminum made and wooden glass series are best suitable choices.


At present, aluminum series and wooden series are our two most important product line, and these two catalogues really obtained a good marketing share during recent years;


Aluminum showcase is widely accepted and recommended by customer just right because the surface is finely finished by alloy aluminum and different color sprayed on, which look very luxury  and simple but clear, rich metallic feeling also; What is more about why the aluminum showcase is so popular in the market because the structure is relatively firm and easy to disassemble for transportation; this is catalogue is widely suitable use in showroom, exhibition fair, department store and boutique, are the best display helper to handicraft, gifts, jewels, makeup products, cell phone, glasses, watches and cigarette ;


Wood-made glass display case is our newly designed and we just launched to the market since beginning of this year, for this catalogue we unprecedentedly designed two catalogue separately: partially aluminum and partially wood, another is full wood with glass; the strong points for wooden display showcase are vanished brilliant color and special grain, fashionable design which finally look simple but very luxury and classically elegant, good choices for jewelries and boutique displaying use;


With using the highly-technologialized material we have successfully designed several display furniture which were all granted the patents by the state intellectual property office of China, then we only design and produce the quality and fine display showcase, which is just the key factor of why we have been in this industry over the last 10 years and also widely accepted in the market nowadays;


Besides to the strong production capability, we also have a very talented and experienced designing team that would enable us to be very flexible to analyze your drawing and offer the advice by the view of a professional display-showcase expertizer; we also focus much more on the consulting of whole project from design, production and maintain, the all just come to the end that we would do more than your imagination;    


Stand by now, we work step by step for the bright future with mission to be a “ most professional display furniture brand around the world “ together with all our customers and friends over the world; thanks for your trust and helps offered before and we still need your trusts and helps since here, if there is any needs for the display furniture please do not hesitate to contact our team;


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